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    Google rolls out a free #DDoS protection platform called Project Shield to protect news sites and free expression to defend the democratic process - via @SCMagazine & @RobertJAAbel

    Mexico’s central bank said that it will create a #cybersecurity unit, following a hack on a domestic payments system #FinTech #encryption - via @Reuters

    #WeekendReading: Check out our latest blog post-RSAC on #quantum #cybersecurity, #QKD and #keymanagement! Have questions? Get in touch!

    ICYMI: A new US Secure Data Act would prevent govt agencies & courts from forcing tech companies to build #backdoors into #encrypted devices or services, ensuring the integrity and security of the devices - via @chrisfmills & @Bgr

    Could gaming help solve #cybersecurity woes? An interesting suggestion via @TheNextWeb & @bendee983

    #Encryption is important as the breaches continue: The Chili's restaurant chain is informing its customers that between March and April 2018 payment card information was compromised at some of its 1,600 locations - via @DougOlenick

    The National Institute of Standards and Technology #NIST wants comments on the best way to design criteria to evaluate new #encryption standards for #IoT devices via @GCNtech

    One conversation we kept returning to during #RSAC2018: #quantum #cybersecurity - with a lean toward quantum resilience and #QKD. Check out our latest blog on the topic!

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