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QuintessenceLabs’ data protection integrates unique quantum capabilities to protect you from tomorrow’s quantum computing threat.

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Quantum Random Number Generators

The Challenge

Most security applications use Pseudo-Random Numbers to generate keys. These are generated from a short random seed using deterministic algorithms. They are not truly unpredictable, and have resulted in many security issues.

True Random Number Generators (TRNGs) use random physical processes to generate random numbers. Some are better than others. “True” Random Numbers based on deterministic systems can be predicted if enough is known about the system, or if they can be influenced by actions such as temperature changes.

How Different Types of Random Numbers Impact Security

TED Talk: How Quantum Physics Can Make Encryption Stronger

Our Technology

True Random Numbers generated using quantum physics, called quantum random number generators (QRNG), can be truly random.

Most available quantum random number generators are based on the detection of single photons and have limited throughput. This may result in operational constraints regarding key rotation or number of keys for example.

QuintessenceLabs uses quantum tunneling to deliver truly random numbers at 1Gbit/sec, with flexible form factors and compelling costs, to enable practical, large-scale security and other applications.

Quantum Key Distribution

The Challenge

Key distribution is the process of sharing encryption keys. We typically use public key ciphers, such as RSA, Diffie-Hellman, and ECC, to share symmetric keys that can then encrypt or decrypt data.

This is threatened by weak keys, increased processing power, new attacks, and quantum computers. In just a few years, quantum computers will break these ciphers, preventing us from securely exchanging information. Even now, data encrypted today may well be intercepted and stored for future decryption by quantum computers.


Our Technology

Quantum Key Distribution (CV-QKD) protects data using the laws of physics, making it secure against advanced attacks, in particular quantum computers.

QuintessenceLabs is a leader in the development of CV-QKD. qOptica will all but eliminate the risks of key distribution, since any attempt to intercept the key will leave a detectable trace allowing mitigating action. qOptica delivers high key rates, has a compact form factor, and is well-suited to free-space implementations for practical deployments.

Quantum Enabled Key Management

The Challenge

Encryption key management is one of the most complex challenges in data security. To have a successful enterprise-wide encryption solution, we build Enduring Trust® with our centralized and highly compatible key and policy management solution to manage keys and implement policies that appropriately control access and privileges.


Our Technology

The Trusted Security Foundation® (TSF®) key and policy manager is fully interoperable and can seamlessly integrate with legacy devices, reducing the overall cost of your security system, while providing stronger encryption solutions for data in use, in motion, or at rest. The TSF also allows centralized key and policy management with full key lifecycle management, and usage and policy controls enabling strong and comprehensive end-to-end encryption.

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