Ultimate Data Security - Enduring Trust®

The QuintessenceLabs Trusted Security Foundation® takes the pain out of enterprise key management.

It provides unrivaled centralized generation, management and protection of encryption keys.

The TSF® combines the security of FIPS 140-2 Level 3 HSMs with advanced encryption key and policy management, and high-speed true random number generation — the strongest foundation for data security.

qStream: High Speed True Random

qCrypt: Powerful Key and Policy Manager

Key Store: Embedded HSM

QuintessenceLabs Encryption Modules (QEM) are targeted cryptographic solutions meeting a wide range of security needs.

qProtect delivers the highest security for mobile assets in uncontrolled environments with one time pad encryption and virtual zeroization of data, audio and video. QuintessenceLabs solutions also integrate with our partner PKWARE’s Smartcrypt Enterprise Manager. The combined solution delivers end-to-end enterprise encryption capability strengthened by the security of a hardware security module and quantum random number generation capabilities.

qProtect:  Encryption of data on mobile assets with virtual zeroization

Smartcrypt: enterprise-wide end-to-end encryption

The underlying randomization technology is a critical component to our key management infrastructure, setting a new standard for best-of-breed encryption and now customer-controlled keys for each individual document.
Alvin Tedjamulia, NetDocuments’ CTO
As we deliver the bank’s digital transformation it is essential that we maintain the resilience and security of our systems. The relationship with QuintessenceLabs is a significant next step on this journey.
Dave Curran, Westpac Group CIO
VMWare is pleased to be partnering with QuintessenceLabs to enhance the security of our virtualized applications. The combination of our products provides a scalable, flexible, and secure solution for virtual and cloud solutions.
Mike Adams, VMWare Product Marketing

Our Partners For Stronger Cyber Security

Trusted Security Foundation – TSF®

The QuintessenceLabs Trusted Security Foundation (TSF) is a highly secure platform that combines unrivaled capabilities. The new TSF integrates the security of a FIPS 140-2 Level 3 hardware security module (HSM) with QuintessenceLabs’ advanced key and policy manager qCrypt, and the qStream high-speed quantum random number generator, delivering the strongest foundation for data security. This cost-effective and flexible combination drastically simplifies the implementation and expenditure of security deployments.