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We Are the Global Leader in Quantum Cybersecurity


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QuintessenceLabs is at the Forefront of Quantum Cybersecurity

Our capabilities extend from quantum-enabled key generation, crypto-agile key and policy management through to quantum key distribution, helping you build a quantum-resilient future for your organization.

What Sets Us Apart

QuintessenceLabs’ portfolio of modular security products addresses the most difficult security challenges facing organizations, helping implement robust security strategies to protect data today and in the future.

Our Technology


Seamless Integration

The QuintessenceLabs world-class products incorporate advances in quantum science to deliver highly capable cybersecurity solutions.


Harnessing Quantum Science

Our products seamlessly integrate with existing devices in your security infrastructure to easily and cost-effectively strengthen your data protection.


Solid Security Foundation

Our TSF 400 is a highly secure crypto-agile platform combining our powerful key and policy manager, our high-speed quantum random number generator, and a FIPS-validated hardware security module, in a single centralized solution.

Awards & Recognitions

Our Company Values

  • Trust – Recognized by the World Economic Forum for our work in quantum cybersecurity innovation
  • Stronger Together – Partnered trusted leaders in cybersecurity
  • Aware – We are developing new advanced technologies to continue to reduce your risk

Our People

We Work with the Best

“Without entropy, cryptographic functions such as encryption are rendered essentially useless.”

Garrett Bekker


Principal Research Analyst
451 Research

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We are here for you on your quantum journey. We are here to guide you to the future with tech to prepare you for tomorrow. 

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