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Trusted Security Foundation® (TSF®)

Enterprise Key and Policy Manager

  • Centralized and vendor-neutral encryption key management solution
  • Designed to easily address the toughest challenges in key management
  • Crypto agile adaptable to quantum resistant algorithms

qOptica™ 100 Quantum Key Distribution (QKD)

  • Point-to-point protocol that uses specialized hardware to share secret keys over an optical link
  • Secrecy of the keys is guaranteed by the laws of quantum physics
  • Offers CV-QKD technology with built-in advantages in terms of cost, form factor, and performance

qStream™ Quantum Random Number Generator (QRNG)

  • Derived from a quantum source
  • Generates perfectly unpredictable true random numbers
  • Delivered at the speeds needed for commercial applications
  • Provides high quality entropy for stronger encryption keys

qStream™ 200 Quantum Entropy Appliance

  • Network attached QRNG appliance with qRand entropy management software
  • Delivers the highest quality random numbers at the highest speeds
  • Prevents performance degradation for applications using entropy

qRand™ 100 Quantum Entropy Enhancer

  • Feeds quantum random numbers to the entropy pool
  • Solves the problem of “entropy starvation” 
  • Delivers sufficient entropy, even in virtual environments

qClient™ Software Development Kit (SDK)

  • Vendor-neutral software development kit (client SDK)
  • Allows developers to effortlessly integrate key management and encryption applications
  • Supports industry standard APIs: KMIP, PKCS#11

qProtect™ Ultimate Data Protection

qProtect™ delivers powerful data protection for the most sensitive and critical assets, particularly when they are in uncontrolled environments. It offers a much-needed practical solution for the protection of critical mobile data. Capabilities include automatic secure erasure of one-time key material when recording data – “virtual zeroization” – to protect confidential information wherever it is, now and into the future.

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"Using quantum to fight quantum."
Vikram Sharma

Founder and CEO

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