Ultimate Data Security - Enduring Trust®

World’s fastest true random number generator unleashes the true power of encryption.

High speed true random source delivering:

  • 1 Gbit/s uniform output
  • KMIP interface
  • FIPS 140-2 crypto module
  • High performance and availability
  • 8 Gbit/s quantum entropy
  • Raw and conditioned output modes

Vendor neutral solution seamlessly delivers best practice key management and security policies across your legacy infrastructure.

Centralized enterprise-wide management and control for:

  • symmetric keys
  • asymmetric key pairs
  • X.509 certificates
  • split keys
  • secret objects
  • opaque data objects
  • random objects
  • random streams

Quantum enhanced encryption raises the bar on IT security.

  • Integrated encryption solution
  • With quantum key generation
  • Advanced key and policy management
  • Flexible deployment options:
    – On premises
    – In the cloud

One-time pad encryption
with key destruction
protects vulnerable high-security data during collection, at rest, and in transit.

  • One-time pad cipher
  • Automatic key destruction
  • With high speed true random numbers
  • With vendor neutral key and policy management
  • Applications:
    – Military
    – Media
    – Mining
    – Police
    – Secure logging etc.

Secure Data on Mission
Critical Mobile Assets

qProtect delivers fail-safe protection for confidential data on mobile data collection devices. Proven one-time pad encryption with permanent key destruction keep your data safe at rest and in transit, even if the device falls into the wrong hands.

Sophisticated tamper detection, physical zeroization circuitry or manually initiated zeroization not required.

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