Sysnet Telematica Becomes the Sole Distributor for Italy of QuintessenceLabs, World Leader in Quantum-Proof Solutions

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October 12, 2023

Milan, Italy – 25th September 2023

Sysnet Telematics, a technology and network system integrator with over 35 years of experience in innovating systems and technologies to support business-critical processes, is pleased to announce a strategic collaboration with QuintessenceLabs, an Australian world leader in quantum cybersecurity solutions.

This partnership aims to enhance Sysnet's security and control offering through the implementation of quantum-proof solutions.

The launch event of this partnership will be held at the Cybertech Europe event in Rome on 3rd and 4th October 2023, where Sysnet and QuintessenceLabs will host a stand together in the exhibition area.

The Australian company is well known for its innovative quantum-resilient solutions, some of them using principles of quantum physics to generate perfectly unpredictable true random numbers or to securely share encryption keys. The company also offers a centralized and vendor-neutral encryption key management solution, helping organizations to build a secure foundation for managing all cryptographic keys, operations, and policies. All these technologies are critical to ensuring the security of communications in sensitive sectors to defend data from the threats of today and those of tomorrow.

Cybertech Europe will be a launch platform to showcase QuintessenceLabs' quantum-proof solutions integrated into communication networks by Sysnet Telematica. This collaboration will address emerging communications security challenges, ensuring that networks are ready to face future threats, including those from quantum computing.

"Communications security is a top priority for businesses in an increasingly connected world. The partnership with QuintessenceLabs represents a fundamental milestone for our security and control skills and allows us to design and propose solutions that are already quantum-proof, able to face the threats of today but also those of tomorrow. This collaboration consolidates our positioning as a technology explorer, always careful to create useful and innovative solutions, destined to last over time." said Daniele Cardesi, CEO of Sysnet Telematica.

Further information about Sysnet Telematica and QuintessenceLabs can be found on their respective websites:

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