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Virtual Zeroization

Unique protection for vulnerable data in uncontrolled environments, with one-time pad encryption and automatic key destruction

Product Sheet

qProtect Overview

qProtect is a unique solution for data security in uncontrolled environments, protecting it even in the event of theft or loss. It offers a much-needed practical solution for the protection of critical mobile data. Automatic secure erasure of one-time key material when recording data – “virtual zeroization” – protects confidential information wherever it is, now and into the future


Helping Australia’s DoD Protect
Sensitive Data on Mobile Assets

Learn how we have advanced virtual zeroization (VZ), which allows for the permanent protection of sensitive information on mobile assets

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Applications of qProtect

Learn what applications can benefit from the “Virtual Zeroization” technology of qProtect

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Protect highly sensitive images, videos and audio recordings

Speak with a QuintessenceLabs expert to define the best
qProtect implementation strategy for your organization

qProtect Specs

• Standard form factors: 32GByte SD Card / 8GByte microSD Card
• Storage densities from 16 to 256GByte

Automatic Key Destruction (Zeroization):
• The one-time pad key on the device is automatically destroyed during encryption
• Removes need for data destruction or additional zeroization steps
• Data remains accessible to authorized users for decryption in a secure location

• Delivered with qClient SDK, a software development kit adhering to the OASIS Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP) and the PKCS#11 API.

Standards & Interoperability:
• KMIP 1.0/1.1/1.2/1.3/1.4/2.0
• Basic and advanced KMIP profiles
• Supports PKCS#11 over KMIP via qClient SDK

qProtect Benefits

• Automatic key destruction from the storage device during encryption
• Data integrity: the data is safe from unauthorized access, but is not destroyed, and can be accessed by authorized personnel in a secure location
• One-time pad encryption using a quantum generated true random key
• Tamper-resistance: any attempts to modify the encrypted data will be visible upon decryption

Integrating qProtect

qProtect integrates QuintessenceLabs’ quantum random number generator and advanced key management capabilities to deliver ultimate data security to end users



Manage the entire encryption key lifecycle and implement policies that appropriately control access and privileges with our advanced key and policy manager

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Get the highest quality cryptographic keys to strengthen your encryption with our high speed random number generator

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Delivered with qClient™ Software Development Kit for easy integration

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qProtect Portfolio

qProtect VZ

A read only one-time pad encryption with automatic key destruction

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