Quantum Computers Will
Break Current Encryption in Minutes

HNDL Attacks
Are Here

Attackers are planning for the future. You need crypto agile solutions to be ready.

Harvest Now, Decrypt Later (HDNL) attacks steal your encrypted data now and decrypt it later when a quantum computer is available.

Get Ready

The Quantum Threat Is Real
And It Is Here Now

Cybersecurity Professionals Must Pay Attention to the Quantum Threats

Quantum threats have been increasingly in the news for good reason. The threat of quantum computing may not be here yet, but the risk they pose to organizations and encrtypted data is real and it is here today. This isn't a QuintessenceLabs issue. This is an international issue that you must protect against.


“America must start the lengthy process of updating our IT infrastructure today to protect against this quantum computing threat tomorrow.”

White House National Security Memorandum on Promoting United States Leadership in Quantum Computing While Mitigating Risks to Vulnerable Cryptographic Systems (May 4, 2022)


“The anticipated cracking of encryption by quantum computers must be treated as a current threat. Any data stolen today that has been encrypted with a non-quantum resistant algorithm will eventually be accessible to an adversary with a large scale quantum computer.”

Chinese Threats in the Quantum Era Paper


“The threat is that they copy down your encrypted data and hold on to it until they have a quantum computer.”

Dustin Moody, Mathematician at NIST

We Won't Know When...

But We Have a Pretty Good Idea of Who

According to The Quantum Insider, $5 billion of private capital has poured into quantum technologies since 2002, with $3 billion of this being in 2021 alone.


What Can I Do Right Now?

Key Generation

  • Quantum Random Number Generation
  • True random has no deterministic factors and cannot be deduced or guessed
  • Highest quality seed content

Key Management

  • Quantum Enabled Key Management
  • Centralized key and policy management with full key lifecycle management
  • Administration usage and policy controls

Key Distribution

  • It must not be possible for a third party to intercept the secret key during its exchange
  • Quantum-Resistant Algorithm to protect against quantum attacks
  • Quantum Key Distribution if possible

"Without entropy, cryptographic functions such as encryption are rendered essentially useless. An encryption key is just a random number that can’t be guessed, so if the encryption key is the same every time, it can be predicted and therefore defeated. In a replay attack, for example, all an attacker would have to do is replay a snapshot and they could predict a key.”

Garrett Bekker


Principal Research Analyst
451 Research

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