qStream Quantum Random Number Generator (QRNG) is a ground-breaking product that delivers the world’s fastest and most cost-effective full entropy true random numbers.

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Full-entropy, High Speed, True Random Numbers

qStreamTM securely generates and delivers high quality random numbers at low total cost in enterprise, cloud and shared environments. No more pseudo-random back doors; no weak keys.

qStream delivers random for cryptographic key generation, security parameter generation, deterministic RNG seeding, IV, Nonces, Random challenges, Authentication and DSA signing. Other applications include simulations, modeling and gaming.

qStream is delivered with the QuintessenceLabs qClientTM  Software Development Kit (SDK). qClient allows developers to quickly and easily integrate powerful and secure cryptographic key management and random number management into any application.

qStream Delivers:

  • Inexhaustible supply of full-entropy, true random numbers for all network-attached clients
  • 1 Gbit/s uniform true RNG output. Raw entropy output mode at 8 Gbit/s
  • Performance comparable to that of roughly 1,000 Haswell-based RNG devices or roughly 60 IDQ PCI devices
  • Continuous health test and externally verifiable assurance of output integrity
  • Centralized management and logging, KMIP conformant interface
  • Delivered with qClient Software Development Kit, including OASIS KMIP (Key Management Interoperability Protocol) and PKCS#11 API.
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Reliable and unbiased random numbers are a fundamental component of secure communications, numerical modeling, statistical sampling, and computer simulations.

Most applications today use Pseudo-Random Numbers, which are generated from a short random seed using deterministic algorithms. Unfortunately, Pseudo Random Numbers have been associated with multiple breaches due to weaknesses in the algorithms or their seeds and potential back-doors1, 2.

A True Random Number Generator (TRNG) generates numbers using random physical processes rather than computational algorithms. Random numbers generated using quantum effects are the most trustworthy, since the quantum behavior measured is truly unpredictable and cannot be influenced by physical effects such as temperature. However it has been challenging to deliver quantum true random numbers at the throughputs required for commercial applications.

QuintessenceLabs’ ground-breaking approach of measuring quantum effects on a bright laser beam, allows True Random Numbers to be obtained at enterprise levels of over 1Gbit/sec full entropy. qStreamTM delivers random numbers at the quality and throughput required for commercial applications, and is a foundation of QuintessenceLabs Ultimate Data Security solutions.

Patented Second Generation Quantum Physics Technology

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    qStreamTM leverages on-board advanced laser optics to deliver full entropy random bits at 1Gb/second. Both pre-conditioned entropy, and conditioned, uniform distribution random outputs are available.

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    qStream delivers the random numbers through a centrally managed service via OASIS Key Management Interoperability protocol (KMIP). High-speed, low latency true random streams are also directly available over TCP.

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    Random numbers and random streams can be delivered as protected, single-user sources, or as shared sources.

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    Characteristics of random numbers and streams, such as ownership, usage, lifecycle status, seed history, access history, and compromise status can be easily reviewed, and managed.

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    qStream meets all requirements of the NIST SP800-90 series of draft standards for Non-Deterministic Random Bit Generator (NRBG) construction.

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    qStream is delivered as an appliance with a 2RU 19-inch form factor.

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Raw entropy is obtained from the measurement of the beating of a bright laser beam with quantum vacuum fluctuations at a beam splitter. A photo-detector produces a wideband RF photocurrent containing Gaussian distributed raw entropy. This analogue signal is converted into a digital signal, which is then post-processed to produce a uniformly distributed, unbiased, true random bit stream. Random numbers are delivered to clients over TCP and KMIP.

qStream can deliver multiple true random streams to several applications simultaneously.


qStream in 2 minutes

qStream in action: Featured use cases

High Entropy Seed for Manufactured Product

qStreamTM applications include seeding products with distinct, high quality random seeds, as they are manufactured.


Random Beacon Implementation

qStream can deliver high quality, high throughput random for random beacon applications such as unpredictable sampling, secure authentication mechanisms, secure multi-part computation.


A Strong Foundation for Enterprise Security

qStream™ is a fundamental building block of Quintessence Labs’ portfolio, ensuring that keys and all random objects used throughout our solutions are of the highest quality, minimizing exposure to breaches.

Fully Interoperable Key and Policy Management

Seamlessly delivers best practice key management and security policies across your infrastructure.


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Highest Security for Uncontrolled Environments

Protects sensitive information with one-time pad encryption and destroys the key on the device.


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Integrated Encryption Solution, on Premises or in the Cloud

Full encryption solution integrating high speed true random and interoperable key and policy manager.


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1: Post Snowden Cryptography, Bart Preneel. The Secure Application Development Conference, Leuven, February 10-14 2014.

2: Mining your Ps and Qs: Detection of Widespread Weak Keys I Network Devices. Nadia Heninger, Zakir Durumeric, Eric Wustrow and Alex Halderman. Proc 21st USENIX Security Symposium, Aug 2012.