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Quantum Entropy Enhancer

Feeds quantum random numbers to the entropy pool of your computer, solving the problem of “entropy starvation”. Your applications will always have sufficient entropy, even in virtual environments

Product Sheet

qRand Overview

qRand monitors a computer’s entropy pool and augments it with full entropy random bits
when necessary, solving the problem of “entropy starvation”. This prevents
performance degradation and the security compromise of using low entropy pseudo-randomness.

qRand delivers high speed entropy from qStream, our true random number generator,
without any changes needed to the application itself.

Are you Entropy Starved?

qRand is a unique product which uses our quantum random number generator to feed the entropy pool of Linux systems. This solution guide will walk you through real-world examples of how insufficient entropy can impact performance and security, and how you can address this

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random numbers

Solves the problem of “entropy starvation”

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qRand™ Specs

Key Features:
• Linux daemon, running as a native system service, that monitors entropy status
• qRand retrieves entropy from qStream
• User configurable

User Settings:
• Lower bound of entropy (in bits)
• Entropy fill watermark (in bits)
• Enable/disable use of deterministic entropy sources
• Naming of random objects
• Enable/disable audit logging; log verbosity level

Supported OS
• Ubuntu (64-bit) 16.04, 18.04
• RHEL (64-bit) 6.10, 6.9, 7.5, 7.6
• CentOS 6.10, 7.6
• Support for more Linux distributions planned

Integrating qRand

qRand is deployed alongside QuintessenceLabs’ quantum random number offering in qStream or qCrypt



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A Quantum Entropy Enhancer

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