qCrypt is a unique vendor-neutral, encryption key management and policy management solution, addressing the toughest challenges in key management. qCrypt can integrate qStream for embedded high speed true random key generation.

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Unique Key and Policy Management Solutions

Key management is one of the most complex problems for encryption. Many available solutions are not fully interoperable, do not generate high quality keys or do not deliver adequate life cycle or policy control, resulting in weak, partial or siloed encryption.

The qCryptTM product suite is unique in addressing all these challenges in an integrated solution and is fully KMIP compliant.

qCryptTM is delivered with the QuintessenceLabs qClientTM  Software Development Kit (SDK). qClient allows developers to quickly and easily integrate powerful and secure cryptographic key management and random number management into any application.

qCrypt Delivers:

  • Fully interoperable, protects data at rest, in transit and in use
  • Complete key life-cycle management and powerful object and user policy management
  • Strong logging capabilities that can be integrated into SIEM tools
  • In-built replication, up to 16 nodes for maximum availability
  • Option for embedded qStream high speed true random number generation
  • Delivered with qClient Software Development Kit, including OASIS KMIP (Key Management Interoperability Protocol) and PKCS#11 API.

qCrypt in Two Minutes

Unique Market-Leading Capabilities

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    Secure replication between nodes to suit any availability and performance requirements and meet multi-level, regulatory, and operational security needs.

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    Unique centralized enterprise-wide management and control over the generation, storage, distribution, lifecycle, usage policy and object policy of managed cryptographic objects.

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    Tested interoperability with broad array of third-party products including IBM, HP, EMC/RSA, Thales, SafeNet, and NetApp. Seamless and cost effective integration into legacy infrastructure.

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    Fine-grained policy control to centrally define and manage user and object policies including implementing authorizing quorum (M of N) for sensitive activities.

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    SIEM integration: Integrates with leading SIEM products to provide valuable cyber threat insights for the enterprise. Full logging capabilities support auditing and compliance needs.

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    Option for embedded qStreamTM to seed keys from internal Quantum Random Number Generator (QRNG) card. Up to 100,000 end-client systems and 1,000 key requests per second.

qCrypt in Action:  Featured Use Cases

Enterprise Java Web Application

qCrypt can manage cryptographic and random objects for a Java provider in line with enterprise security policy.


Database Encryption

qCrypt can deliver advanced key and policy management for database encryption solutions.


A Strong Foundation for Enterprise Security

qCrypt seamlessly delivers best practice key management and security policies across your infrastructure.

High Speed True Random Number Generation

Delivers the highest quality random for all cryptographic and modelling applications.


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Highest Security for Uncontrolled Environments

Protects sensitive information with one-time pad encryption and destroys the key on the device.



Integrated Encryption Solution, on Premises or in the Cloud

Full encryption solution integrating high speed true random and interoperable key and policy manager.