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    “The advent of quantum computers at scale, likely within a decade, will challenge methods currently employed to protect sensitive information,” as shared by our Founder and CEO Vikram Sharma, ahead of the free, virtual IEEE Quantum CEO Summit, 12/1.

    #ICYMI During the recent Encryption Consulting Conference our CTO John Leiseboer covered how to build a quantum-safe environment—because if predictions are true, quantum computers pose a significant threat and today's cryptosystems will be broken.

    QuintessenceLabs strongly welcomes Australia’s first critical tech list—including quantum and #cybersecurity—as “it’s very important to marshal our collective resources appropriately”, per our Founder and CEO Dr. Vikram Sharma via ABC Radio National.

    As shared by the @wef Global Future Council on Cybersecurity, a sense of collective responsibility should lead to collective action between government agencies, industry, and standards setters—with #cybersecurity certifications being the next step.

    Tech giant @IBM—deeply invested in #quantumcomputing—has hit a key milestone in their quantum roadmap, entering unchartered computational territory to help solve issues too complex for the world's most powerful supercomputers.

    We're excited to be participating in the virtual @IEEEQuantum CEO Summit on Quantum Computing to be held on December 1st. #IEEEQuantumCEO
    Register now to learn more from our Founder and CEO Dr. Vikram Sharma, a keynote speaker.

    IEEE Quantum@IEEEQuantum

    Save the date! We've got another great #event coming in December - the @IEEEQuantum CEO Summit. Led by Conference Chair @maevaghonda, global experts worldwide will take on important issues, such as the business case for #QuantumComputing. Get more info at:

    Australia is investing an initial $100M in critical quantum technologies to combat national security risks, as unveiled by Prime Minister Scott Morrison during the inaugural @ASPI_org Sydney Dialogue—backing Australia as a #quantumtech world leader.

    One of the most significant advances in cybersecurity today will be Post Quantum Cryptography (PQC). Check out our latest blog, authored by @451Research, explaining four ways to address the quantum threat. #PQC

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