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    What time is it? Out-of-sync system clocks can affect web encryption and accept expired certificates. Nice recent article from @wired on Cloudflare's solution:

    Maintaining control of #encryption keys for your crucial data in a vSphere deployment doesn’t have to be a headache. As a VMware Elite Partner, our products are certified for use with vSphere 6.5/6.7 deployments. Let us help you!

    Our CEO Vikram Sharma participated in the #amnc18 panel "From University Discovery to Big Business" this past week, lending insights from the incredible journey of QuintessenceLabs. Thanks so much to the @wef for the opportunity!


    #Quantum technology has introduced a new age of computing, but it also brings security concerns – quantum-powered cyber attacks that could defeat today's encryption algorithms. Learn more in our three-point approach to staying “quantum-safe.”

    Another reminder to join us for our webinar next week! We'll be "unlocking" the facts of key management for #VMware vSphere with our CTO John Leiseboer. Just head here:

    If your business is built on data from clients that's stored in the cloud, a blind subpoena can subvert what you thought was safe. Proper encryption can bolster your protection. Read our guide on the relevant precautions on blind subpoenas:

    "What matters is where a user’s credentials are, not where the user is." via @theregister

    China bet big on quantum computing. Now the US races to keep up. via @CNNMoney

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