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    Next week is #AUCyberWeek2020! Register for FREE now, and gain access to live events and networking opportunities while gaining valuable insights into Australia's vibrant #cybersecurity sector.

    What if everyone gets together to work on a peaceful and safe Internet? Watch our Founder and CEO Vikram Sharma and other esteemed panelists recently discuss how international security becomes real in the era of quantum computing at CYBERSEC! #CSGlobal2020

    What is quantum entropy and why should we worry about it? As the anchor beneath the world's security, entropy is a critical component of a quantum resistant cybersecurity plan. #entropy #EaaS

    IT leaders should know how they can use quantum computers today to stay on the competitive edge and prepare for the future — a future of quantum making a significant impact in the enterprise of tomorrow.

    Leading up to AU National Cyber Week, @CBR_IN is featuring Canberra’s leading cyber companies, including Vikram Sharma, Founder and CEO of @QuintessenceLab.
    Read more about the team's mission to commercialize the potential of quantum cybersecurity.

    The US Dept. of Energy talks about the importance of quantum computing, calling it one of the "biggest races" the nation needs to win against our adversaries, for example China. Our universities will be critical in helping lead the way.

    Join QuintessenceLabs next month at the Tech in Gov (TIG) Conference — the largest virtual government ICT event — where you can learn about emerging technologies, such as the exciting future of quantum computing. #TechinGov_AU

    What does "FIPS" mean? We have a handy Glossary for all the cybersecurity terms you'll see us use when talking about our products. Check it out here to learn more about key and policy management, encryption and quantum computing.

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