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    The @ForbesTechCncl members share predictions on cybersecurity— including the importance of quantum-safe encryption—as current standards and measures are not fit for protecting against the power of quantum computers. #cybersecurity

    With necessary NIST encryption standards being imminent, the national security community should begin preparing now, to protect national systems in the quantum era. #quantumcomputing

    As part of the United State's newly unveiled $2 trillion infrastructure plan, $180B is being earmarked for emerging technology such as quantum computing.

    Happening Now! Our CTO John Leiseboer's "Understanding the Current State of the Art in Securing your Networks from Quantum Threats" @ 5PM EST 2021 at Quantum Tech 2021. Register for free to watch now.

    Quantum computers—like the one coming to the Cleveland Clinic—are the technology of the future, helping create medical breakthroughs and speeding up next-gen medical research. #quantumcomputing

    Tech giant IBM has deployed more than 30 quantum computing systems since 2016 and continues to explore new approaches to encryption and data protection to keep sensitive data safe. #quantumcomputing

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