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    Our next webinar is set for next week! Join us on January 30 to learn about Key Management Best Practices that help keep your key management systems safely maintained:

    QuintessenceLabs Attending World Economic Forum 2019 Annual Meeting by @businesswire

    QuintessenceLabs Supports Recommendations for Quantum Cybersecurity:

    We're back from holiday break! Let's start with some reading, like this bookmark-worthy refresher from the San Francisco Chronicle on quantum's threat to cybersecurity:

    More than ever, this shines a light on the need for stronger cybersecurity in the world's biggest data infrastructures. As quantum gets closer, so do new possibilities for these kinds of attacks.

    Reuters Tech News@ReutersTech

    Exclusive: China hacked HPE, IBM and then attacked clients - sources

    On the blog, we take a look back at what's been an exciting year; one that's also been our tenth anniversary!

    "It won’t be long before we see corporations and government agencies adopting quantum cryptography to greatly advance their capabilities and day-to-day operations."

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