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    To the fathers who work hard every day to help shape the present and the future … we wish you all a very Happy Father’s Day! #FathersDay2021

    Quantum tech is changing our world, per a @SydneyQuantum Visiting Entrepreneurial Program panel, with our Founder and CEO, Dr. Vikram Sharma, highlighted as one of the widely recognized innovators at the forefront of the quantum cybersecurity industry.

    The deep tech offering of quantum computing based solutions has catapulted into a multi-billion dollar industry in a relatively short space of time—as early adopters and real-life applications are showing immediate potential.

    We're excited to be a finalist in the 2021 Extreme Tech Challenge (XTC), a global competition enabling leaders to step forward and address the greatest crises facing humanity and our planet. #XTC2021 #quantumcomputing #cybersecurity

    Over the next year, US Naval aviation officials are turning to select #quantumcomputing and #AI industry leaders, requesting formal research proposals, as the military analyzes top technology related cybersecurity challenges.

    Today we are in the midst of a quantum race, as government investments in the 20s of billions of US dollars is being used in developing this high reward technology. #quantumcomputing #cybersecurity

    With cyberattacks on the rise, organizations are already bracing for devastating quantum hacks, the next major threat to cybersecurity. #quantumcomputing

    Arthur Herman urges the big banks to confront the challenges posed by future quantum attacks on financial systems, as recent breaches have revealed just how vulnerable our infrastructure is to cyberattack— including a future quantum computer attack.

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