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    Why are random numbers important for #data security?

    Read the latest article with @citylordmayor Peter Estlin and #TechRocketshipANZ recipient, Founder, and CEO of @QuintessenceLab, Vikram Sharma, in the @canberratimes:

    #BusinessisGREAT 🇬🇧🇦🇺

    Full-entropy random numbers are necessary for all #quantum-resilient #cryptography. Learn more about our quantum random number generator here:

    The Lord Mayor, Peter Estlin visited UK #TechRocketshipANZ recipient, @QuintessenceLab’s, Founding Director and CEO Vikram Sharma for a company tour this afternoon. QuintessenceLabs are 🌏 leaders in quantum technology development!


    What does #Quantum safety mean, how do we get there, and what does this have to do with #Bitcoin? Learn more:

    "Both RSA and ECC are orders of magnitude easier to crack for a quantum computer." Cryptographic security and the quantum apocalypse: by @DCDNoticias

    How the United States Is Developing Post-Quantum Cryptography - "#NIST wants to stay ahead by getting new cryptographic standards ready by 2022". by @IEEESpectrum

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