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    The importance of #encryption everywhere: As cybercrimes and incidents of institutional hacking increase, #cybersecurity is a critical concern for big TV distributors that give consumers access to the internet. #IoT via @bcbeat

    QuintessenceLabs is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in data security, so you can push boundaries of your own. Learn More about #quantum #cybersecurity and #encryption for your assets

    #Encryption matters: If the “moral of the story” is that hackers “will get into any network sooner or later," then why not protect your data with future-proofed #quantum #cybersecurity? story via @SCMagazine

    The march toward #QuantumComputing moves forward: Google launched Cirq, an open source framework for running algorithms on the #quantum computers that will be available in the near future. Story via @georgepnott & @computerworldau

    #ThrowbackThursday: The piece by @Jane_QLabs in @SCMagazine, Women in Cybersecurity: Things are changing... slowly #cybersecurity #WomeninCyber

    A step closer to #quantum computers: Researchers show how to directly observe quantum spin effects - via @ScienceDaily

    The World Economic Forum has named @QuintessenceLab one of their Tech Pioneers for 2018! QuintessenceLabs joins a prestigious list of previous awardees such as Google, Spotify, Twitter, AirBnB and Atlassian. Via @ctovision

    Encryption everywhere! Skype 8.0 launches on desktop with HD video, and soon #encryption & call recording - via @sarahintampa

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