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    Cryptography requirements will fundamentally change when quantum computing comes online, with impacts on most organizations. #quantumcomputing

    As showcased at this month's #CES2021, QuintessenceLabs' Founder and CEO, Dr. Vikram Sharma, shares the importance of quantum computing and #AI on the 4th industrial revolution #CES2021 #quantumcomputing

    Happy Australia Day! A time to reflect, respect and celebrate the past and present including QuintessenceLabs' deeptech roots and the country's innovative emerging quantum technology sector. #AustraliaDay2021

    At last week's @CES event, a hot topic of conversation was the possibilities that might be unlocked if the evolving technologies of #quantumcomputing and #AI are put to work on our most urgent #cybersecurity challenges.

    According to @SecurityBlvd your quantum safe migration journey begins with a single step! Read more to see what organizations should be prioritizing right now. #quantumcomputing

    Just how far away are we from quantum computing which will break the encryption currently in use? Answers may vary, but "soon" quantum will break your encryption. #quantumcomputing

    #ICYMI — During last week's @CES, Dr. Vikram Sharma and Deloitte covered how quantum tech and AI are set to disrupt the cybersecurity industry and how organizations should leverage quantum for cybersecurity purposes. #quantumcomputing #AI

    Just as vaccines (usually) undergo years of rigorous testing, cryptography must also be based on proven and thoroughly analyzed methods. With the threat of #quantumcomputing, finding a replacement for existing encryption methods isn’t a trivial task.

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