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    Quantum for (not so) dummies: the basics explained by @EandTmagazine

    Quantum computing is a marathon not a sprint via @VentureBeat

    The Deal with #Quantum Computing and #Cryptography. Find out more in Andreas Baumhof's feature at @InfosecurityMag: @abaumhof

    Quantum on the money: fintech is banking on the future of computing by @EandTmagazine

    Future-proof cybersecurity: Addressing implementation challenges in quantum cryptography

    "Is the world sleepwalking into a crisis?" We aren't prepared for the next wave of cybersecurity risks #quantum #cyber

    The future of #cyber security is here! Check our article on @TheEconomist to learn how you can keep your business secure even when #quantum computers become available:

    Big news! QuintessenceLabs, @tech_mahindra and @BTGroup are proud to showcase an end to end video messaging application secured by QKD. Learn more: #UKQNTP #UKQNtel #QKD

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