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    Think quantum computing is hard? Explore the building blocks of quantum mechanics through puzzles with this fun app! | |
    #FunWithQuantum #HelloQuantum

    Quantum computers are expected to revolutionize the way we solve problems that are unsolvable by the conventional supercomputers of today and tomorrow. Find Out How! #supercomputing #quantumcomputing

    Very worrying: nearly 60% of companies do not have a consistent enterprise-wide encryption strategy #encryption #quantumrevolution
    | |

    If you're attending next week's IQT New York online event, make sure to join our VP of Quantum Technology, Andreas Baumhof's panel session "Next-Generation Quantum Networks and QKD" - Monday, June 1 @ 1PM EST #IQT2020 #quantumcomputing #quantumtechnology

    Join our partner PKWARE for the last webinar in their Data Stewardship series | | to learn how a data-centric approach can cut down risk as organizations are being forced to do more on less secure systems: May 28th @ 9 AM CST #dataprotection #cyberdefense

    Inside the global race to fight COVID-19 using the world’s fastest supercomputers
    #supercomputing #COVID19

    We remember all those who have served and sacrificed #MemorialDay2020

    #ICYMI Be sure to subscribe to our partner @OODA's OODAcast Channel and browse a library of professionals and experts discussing their passions for science, technology, and government

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