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    The future of #data is #quantum: Companies like @QuintessenceLab are developing a primary component of quantum resistant encryption called a true random number generator | #CyberSecurity

    We work well with #VMware vSphere -- in fact, our tech is built-in! Get our solutions document for more info about #encryption for virutalizations with our KMIP client:

    It's not too hard to live in a quantum-safe world. Let's build one together with strong encryption techniques and other preventative measures to keep our data safe.

    vSphere 6.5 includes encryption capability to help you meet #HIPAA and HITECH requirements, though it requires an enterprise key management server that's VMware certified and #KMIP compliant. We can help! Learn more about qCrypt:

    Quantum-based cyberattacks could be devastating, but bolstering your security for the future can be done now. Learn more in our presentation, Building Quantum-Resilient Data Security

    Watch our latest presentation on how to be ready for quantum-powered cybersecurity attacks. It can start today, without quantum computers of your own; just sensible, strong encryption. Learn more here:

    qStream is simply the world's fastest random number generator. Quantum tunnelling technology facilitates the creation of encryption keys strong enough for the future.

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