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    Thanksgiving activities may look different this year, as gatherings with friends and family are modified due to travel restrictions or safety concerns, but that doesn't mean we don't still have a lot to be thankful for! Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at QLabs!

    Honeywell’s 10-year quantum solutions roadmap makes room for more qubits and is showing rapid scaleup, as the systems move from being limited by noise, to being able to perform error correction. #quantumcomputing

    While the timelines to quantum supremacy may be debatable, the end result is not. Unless we get in front of the threat of quantum computers now, they will someday break encryption, likely giving them the power to destroy cryptocurrency. #cryptography

    NIST has unveiled an historic update to its security and privacy controls catalog, providing a solid foundation for protecting organizations and systems—including the personal privacy of individuals—well into the 21st century. #cybersecurity

    With the threat of quantum computers, CIOs are feeling pressure like never before when it comes to information security and their cybersecurity policies. Read more with this free @TechRepublic CIO Guide to Quantum Computing. #quantumcomputing

    The quantum computing race is on! Listen to this SmartTalk podcast to learn how the world is on the precipice of major discoveries in quantum computing and it is nothing short of a game changer. #quantumcomputing

    Any system using current standards for public key cryptography will be vulnerable. So now is the time to prepare for the complex transition to post-quantum algorithms, well before the advent of a quantum computer. #cryptography

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