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Systems Engineer

Canberra, Australia

The Systems Engineer is responsible for supporting the development of advanced prototype-readiness-level product systems & architecture, including the coordination of hardware and software interfaces integration, to enable QuintessenceLabs achieve its business, development, manufacturing, and post production support goals in the production phase of product development. This includes ensuring the development and test of systems to meet functional, commercial, maintenance management and obsolescence management goals.

The Systems Engineer will comply with TQM practices particularly including but not limited to Continuous Improvement, Configuration Management, Engineering Change Control, Design Documentation and design handover procedures.

Ideal candidates are experts in interpreting proposed system requirements and developing architectures, and leading the identification and collection of test use cases with Engineering and physics peers, so that effective test plans can be implemented to verify R&D requirements are met or not met. They will also lead feedback discussion and implement changes in engineering development and test cycles that will lead to successful requirement validation and verification.

Further duties include:

  • Documenting design outcomes, test outcomes, recommendations and distributing them to engineering peers, managers and customers for design evaluation and guidance
  • Integrating with project management, physicists, electronics engineers, software engineers and coordination of their efforts into final product packages and design artefacts
  • Working with product managers to ensure final product goals and considerations can be implemented post advance prototype, with the best possible efficiency


The Systems Engineer will have knowledge in the field of systems engineering applicable to QuintessenceLabs’ pursuits in the field of quantum physics and cryptographic based technology, such that their design outcomes will ensure technical principles and designs from associated technical disciplines are engineered, interfaced and implemented correctly.

They will also have experience in the field of analysis and interpretation of systems-related industry and certification body standards, with the ability to communicate impacts on QuintessenceLabs’ business to other members of the technical and management teams. Generally, they will work effectively with all technical disciplines to identify, develop and prove alternative architectures that will provide a competitive advantage for current QuintessenceLabs technologies.

We also look for those with an understanding of:

  • Working in a project environment and as a team with QuintessenceLabs staff, contractors and partners, enabling them to effectively support QuintessenceLabs goals
  • Self-prioritising work to support responsibilities
  • Microsoft Office tools
  • Altium and Matlab engineering tools
  • Adhering to and contributing positively to the Total Quality Management and continuous improvement process

How to Apply:

To put your best foot forward and become part of the team, please send a cover note and concise resume to [email protected].

QuintessenceLabs offers an attractive salary package commensurate with qualifications and experience. Further information can be sought by contacting Vello Tabur on (02) 6260 4922 on weekdays between 8.30 am and 5:30 pm AEDT, or by visiting


About QuintessenceLabs:

QuintessenceLabs is the leader in quantum cyber-security solutions. We are pushing back the boundaries of what is possible in data security, to let our customers push boundaries of their own.

Our quantum cyber-security solutions deliver the strongest foundation for data protection, harnessing the power of nature. They include a leading key and policy manager, an embedded high speed quantum random number generator, and the safety of a secure key store. In parallel, QuintessenceLabs is at the forefront of the development of advanced quantum key distribution technology protecting sensitive data assets from the most sophisticated threats. Our customers and partners include major banks, government , defense and cloud service providers.

QuintessenceLabs was founded in Canberra, Australia and has an office in the San Jose, California.