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Software Engineer – Australia

Canberra, Australia


Canberra, Australia – HQ Office

Pop Quiz:

– How are lasers and quantum-mechanical tunneling related to cybersecurity?
– Is your most sensitive data protected by the laws of physics?

At QuintessenceLabs, our software engineers fuse science with technology to build enterprise-grade, hardened appliances for the most demanding cybersecurity applications. And even if you’re a bit hazy on Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, we need talented software engineers to help build a diverse range of cutting-edge technologies. And we do mean cutting edge.

If you appreciate the elegance in leveraging the unbreakable laws of physics, have a track record of delivering innovative yet stable designs, and are driven to provide quality outcomes, you share our values. We offer a friendly but focused environment, working side by side with smart people on challenging problems. Many of our employees have PhDs — though that’s certainly not a requirement — while others have deep industry experience, or both.

Our recruiting practices have resulted in a strong, harmonious team with diverse skills and experiences, so we aren’t hung up on any particular technologies when hiring. We primarily develop using C and PHP on Linux, so familiarity with the demands of working at a low level would be advantageous. But if you’re an expert in other languages with a capacity to learn new skills quickly, you might wish to consider a career at QLabs. We’re always looking for smart people who get things done.


– A demonstrable passion for software engineering is a must
– Being able to work collaboratively in a team environment is how we roll
– A Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, Information Services or equivalent experience is where we set the bar
– Experience with C or C++ on Linux is optimal, but a deep understanding of other languages and platforms helps
-Understanding client-server programming, operating system calls, and good programming practices goes without saying
– Familiarity with PostgreSQL, PHP, JavaScript and Python ticks more boxes
– Lastly, while knowledge of crypto concepts isn’t essential, it is a plus

How to Apply:
To put your best foot forward and become part of the team, please send a cover note and concise resume to [email protected] Further information can be sought by contacting Dr Vello Tabur on (02) 6260-4922 on weekdays between 8.30 am and 5:30 pm, or by visiting


About QuintessenceLabs:

QuintessenceLabs is the leader in quantum cyber-security solutions. We are pushing back the boundaries of what is possible in data security, to let our customers push boundaries of their own.

Our quantum cyber-security solutions deliver the strongest foundation for data protection, harnessing the power of nature. They include a leading key and policy manager, an embedded high speed quantum random number generator, and the safety of a secure key store. In parallel, QuintessenceLabs is at the forefront of the development of advanced quantum key distribution technology protecting sensitive data assets from the most sophisticated threats. Our customers and partners include major banks, government , defense and cloud service providers.

QuintessenceLabs was founded in Canberra, Australia and has an office in the San Jose, California.