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Customer Success Lead (CSL) – Australia

Canberra, Australia


Canberra, Australia – HQ Office


The Customer Success Lead (CSL) is responsible for customer success through a range of activities including, but not limited to, providing support, training & consulting, pre- and post-sales activities, assisting in quality assurance of products and technical editing of documentation (through the entire lifecycle of the product), and liaising between customers and the broader engineering team.


In this role, you will monitor and respond to support requests in a prompt, polite and professional manner, gather diagnostic information, provide advice on installation, customization and use of QLabs products, and liaise between customers and the engineering team to get customers’ problems resolved quickly and within specified Support Agreement timelines. In addition, you will regularly review and suggest changes to support related processes and documents, such as the default Support Agreement if needed, and work with product management and engineering teams in identifying and prioritising bugfixes based on customer needs.

Further duties include:

  • Train customers in the use of QLabs’ products
  • Provide advice to customers on the proper use of QLabs’ software and hardware
  • Consult and follow up with customers to gather their current and future use-cases related to QLabs’ domains
  • Generate and maintain customer support accounts (including tracking version information, customer contacts, software and hardware delivery entitlements, etc.)
  • Maintain details about existing and new support agreements
  • Assemble hardware and organise timely delivery to Australian customers
  • Assist the QA team in generating Test Plans from PRDs and SRSs
  • Generate, review and update user documentation as needed
  • Assist engineering team in merging documentation changes to existing documentation
  • Coordinate with external technical document writer and internal engineering team to ensure timely updates to documentation
  • Conduct field repairs on QuintessenceLabs product

It is the CSL’s responsibility to act as a first responder and point of contact when customer problems do arise, regardless of the time of day.

The CSL will also take responsibility for all aspects of release management to the customer, including documenting customer appliance histories, distribution customer facing artefacts and upgrades via “safe” methods, and product announcements.


The Customer Success Lead should be proficient in engaging and communicating with customers in a mature, professional, and empathetic manner, without compromising good business processes. This includes remaining calm under pressure, displaying a genuine willingness to help customers succeed, and displaying a curiosity and capacity to learn QuintessenceLabs products.

We also look for candidates with high-quality presentation skills, which are necessary for training, pre- and post-sales situations, and those with the ability to see the big picture to identify, analyse and improve business processes that enhance customer success.

The CSL will be involved in the collection of customer product and services related feedback, and the change management processes used at QuintessenceLabs. CSLs have a technically-minded background, and will be comfortable with the scripting languages applicable to their work at QuintessenceLabs, as well as self-prioritising work to support responsibilities and working with technical writing teams to produce customer and supplier facing documentation.

We also look for those with an understanding of:

  • Microsoft Office tools
  • The use of software issue tracking tools, including externally facing customer support tools
  • Adhering to and contributing positively to the Total Quality Management and Continuous Improvement process

How to Apply:

To put your best foot forward and become part of the team, please send a cover note and concise resume to [email protected].


About QuintessenceLabs:

QuintessenceLabs is the leader in quantum cyber-security solutions. We are pushing back the boundaries of what is possible in data security, to let our customers push boundaries of their own.

Our quantum cyber-security solutions deliver the strongest foundation for data protection, harnessing the power of nature. They include a leading key and policy manager, an embedded high speed quantum random number generator, and the safety of a secure key store. In parallel, QuintessenceLabs is at the forefront of the development of advanced quantum key distribution technology protecting sensitive data assets from the most sophisticated threats. Our customers and partners include major banks, government , defense and cloud service providers.

QuintessenceLabs was founded in Canberra, Australia and has an office in the San Jose, California.