qSecure is an integrated, vendor-neutral, encryption solution for on premise and cloud applications, incorporating the highest quality keys, advanced encryption key management and policy management.

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Unleashing the Full Power of
Encryption in the Enterprise

qSecureTM delivers market leading data protection, through an integrated encryption, key management and key generation solution.

Using encryption keys generated from QuintessenceLabs’ unique high speed random number generator, qSecure encryption is protected from the vulnerabilities of weak pseudo-random keys, and guaranteed to perform to its maximum strength.

The encrypted files can be stored on local or network storage, private and public clouds, opening up storage environments that security concerns would otherwise preclude.

Even if other defenses are broken and data is stolen, qSecure offers market leading data protection no matter where your data is or who has possession of it, a truly formidable barrier to cyber theft, right at the data level.

Modular and scalable, qSecure is designed to manage and enforce security in line with your business processes and governance elements. Each module can be acquired separately to meet the needs of your organization, and can be implemented as part of a staged deployment that can scale as needed.

For more information on the qSecure offering, please contact us at info@quintessencelabs.com

Quantum Enhanced Encryption
Using High Speed True Random Keys

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    All in one encryption solution for File Server (FS) and Network Attached Storage (NAS) applications. Simple, flexible deployment options between on premise and cloud. Cost-effective, scalable implementation.

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    Combines QuintessenceLabs Encryption Module, the qStream high speed true random numbers to source the highest quality keys and the advanced encryption key and policy management solution, qCrypt.

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    Vendor-neutral, interoperable across multi-vendor platforms. Common Criteria Approved, OASIS KMIP compliant.

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QuintessenceLabs qSecureTM is an integrated, vendor-neutral, encryption solution, delivering File Server and Network Attached Storage (NAS) encryption. qSecure incorporates the qStreamTM high speed true random numbers to source the highest quality keys as well as our qCryptTM advanced key and policy management solution.

The modules making up qSecure are deployable on premises or in the cloud, to best suit the security and performance needs of your specific use case. The qSecure solution delivers:




  • Centralised management of end-point cryptographic policies.
  • Centralised logging that can feed into SIEM systems.
  • High availability, high performance.
  • Strong (high entropy) keys generated from true random seed.
  • Layered authentication: existing access controls augmented by key management system access controls – two independent systems must both be compromised for a successful data breach.
  • Protection of data and minimized operational impact, even in the presence of an undetected attack.
  • Open interface supported by many IT vendors, including IBM, HP, EMC, NetApp, Oracle, Thales, Safenet, and others.
  • NIST compliant cryptographic key management (SP 800-57 Part 1), FIPS 140-2 validated cryptographic module, common criteria certified.

qSecure in Action:  Featured Use Cases

On-Premise Enterprise Encryption Solution

Allows customers to secure content they store in the cloud. Plain text is not stored anywhere, it is accessed through QuintessenceLabs qSecureTM.


IBM SoftLayer Implementation

Available for demonstration of qSecure capabilities. For more information, please contact us at contact@quintessencelabs.com


A Strong Foundation for Enterprise Security

qSecure is a full encryption solution integrating high speed true random and interoperable key and policy manager.

High Speed True Random Number Generation

Delivers the highest quality random for all cryptographic and modelling applications.



Fully Interoperable Key and Policy Management

Seamlessly delivers best practice key management and security policies across your infrastructure.



Highest Security for Uncontrolled Environments

Protects sensitive information with one-time pad encryption and destroys the key on the device.